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Cher Albrecht

Cher is originally from Los Angeles, USA and has been living in Australia since Dec 2009. She started performing as a teenager and has been performing professionally from the age of 17. She began her career at an LA based theme park where she performed various shows over a 5 period; singing, dancing, acrobatics & acting. For a number of years she was the resident Cat Woman & Wonder Woman. She also performed in singing & dancing shows at various locations on the West Coast of the US. She spent the next few years performing live stunt shows while finishing her degree in graphic design & sculpture. This led to a few years working in the Hollywood movie industry as a stunt person. Looking for a change of pace, she spent some time living & working in Yosemite National Park while intensely studying yoga & singing at local venues. She has spent the last 6 years focusing on aerial arts & is a co-founder of Solco Acro & Cirque de CBR. She is a member of the American Screen Actors Guild.
Deb Cleland

Deborah is a co-founder of Canberra’s first women’s aerial acrobatics and dance troupe, Solco Acro. In addition, she has spent much of the last 5 years designing and developing interactive computer games for science communication. Her love of encouraging critical thought and community participation combines with a background in gymnastics, flamenco and capoeira, to make Deb a playful and provocative performer. She practises a mash-up of lyra, tissu, trapeze, poi, acroyoga and partner acrobatics.
Jade Redfern-Podger

From Jade’s very first lesson, she fell in love with aerial arts & has developed skills in several apparatus including silks, lyra, trapeze, swinging trapeze and corde de lisse. She continues to foster her love of all things aerial by training with aerial professionals all over the world. She have performed at various venues in Canberra, for corporate, private and government events. Her performances mix emotion, music and vertical story telling to engage the audience. Jade found aerial arts later in life and has no dance or gymnastic background, and as such advocate that aerials are accessible to everyone regardless of age, fitness level or disability. She strongly believes that aerial sports not only increase physical fitness, strength and grace, but also fosters self-growth and increases self-esteem. Teaching is a big part of her life and I aim to empower my students in a safe secure environment whilst providing world class training. “I am own my own journey with my passion and invite you to join me for a moment or a lifetime or anything in between."
Bek Kordas

Bek fell into the circus scene in 2011 when she was studying Theatre/Media in Bathurst, NSW. Having started in gymnastics as a teen, and then specialising in physical theatre at uni, Bek completed her degree which she promptly ditched because circus was way cooler and it just so happened to combine both of the things she loved. Bek specialises in static trapeze and group acro, but has a whole lotta knowledge and skill across most other circus disciplines. Along with moulding the minds and bodies of the next circus generations, Bek is currently studying her Masters of Secondary Teaching.
Omary Omary

Omary came to Australia by way of the circus show, Cirque Africa. He traveled with them throughout Australia and decided to stay in Canberra after meeting his beautiful, future wife, after a show. He's originally from Tanzania and had been with the circus since Cirque Africa began in 2003. His first inspiration in performing was watching Kung Fu movies like Jackie Chan, Van Damme where after he would try to copy all the moves he saw. He is now settled in Canberra and works for Touchdown, a local rope access company. When he's not on ropes he is in the aerial studio training at Aerial Sports. Most watch Omary in awe with his seemingly gravity defying feats both in the air and on the ground.
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